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  • So Judgmental

    Apr 28, 13 • Feminism, Parenthood, WomandomNo Comments
    So Judgmental

    I think the most widespread evidence of misogyny in our [first-world] culture is the dramatically angry, irritated response we tend to have toward other parents’ treatment of their children. I see this in people with and without their own children, but naturally people who have no children tend to be less understanding of the plights [&hellip...

  • My Feminist Journey

    Apr 25, 13 • Feminism6 Comments
    My Feminist Journey

    It’s not really accurate to say that there’s only been one instance of realizing – oh wow! This is really messed up! Because it’s happened so many times. I was raised by a man-hater (not a feminist per-se, I think she would love the patriarchy if the patriarchs weren’t such lying bastards – her words, [&hellip...

  • Reconciling Faith and Feminism

    Apr 25, 13 • Feminism1 Comment
    Reconciling Faith and Feminism

    Ok, I’m “coming out” … as much as is possible under a pseudonym on a blog no one reads … but here goes. I am a Mormon Feminist. I hesitate to join the movement full-stop because there are vibes there that don’t really do it for me, and because I haven’t solidified my own standings [&hellip...

  • Insomnia: a poem

    Apr 22, 13 • Faith, Mormonism, Uncategorized1 Comment
    Insomnia: a poem

    A poem about waiting: The clock marks empty moments, it’s 1 or 2; the lonely ceiling looks dark and still. Distant cars sigh down the freeway with miles to go. Soon, the birds will sing their hymns to Light yet unseen, shouts of praise like midday but it’s 2 or 3: miles to go. Weary [&hellip...

  • Narcissism and the Dove Real Beauty Sketches

    Apr 18, 13 • Womandom1 Comment
    Narcissism and the Dove Real Beauty Sketches

    First, I really did love the Dove Real Beauty Sketches. Very thought-provoking and revealing of the self-image issues suffered by the vast majority of women in western culture. But while most people blame the media for the undue attention we give our own flaws, I blame narcissism. Yes, narcissism. Technically I think the word “narcissist” [&hellip...

  • Sleep Training for the Neurotic

    Apr 14, 13 • Parenthood1 Comment
    Sleep Training for the Neurotic

    No, this is not a post for you Ambien junkies out there… you know who you are. I envy you whole-heartedly. Actually this is for the babies with would-be Ambien junkies for moms. Those of us who are SO WORKED UP over our kids sleep (or lack thereof) that we don’t get any ourselves. I [&hellip...

  • Asking for help

    Apr 7, 13 • Managing Triggers1 Comment
    Asking for help

    There are two big, basic reasons why it’s basically impossible to ask for help when you suffer from some kind of mental illness. (1) I don’t want help from people who don’t already care enough to notice that I need help. (2) People suck at helping when they actually care enough to try. So it’s [&hellip...