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  • A Vision for Mormon Feminism

    Jun 10, 13 • Feminism, Mormonism, Womandom4 Comments
    A Vision for Mormon Feminism

    Some days, I whine about being a feminist- I wish I could just go back to being a Mary Sunshine! I could just be happy to go to church every week, confident in my efforts at righteousness and not have to worry about any hard questions with no answers. And I certainly wouldn’t have to [&hellip...

  • Anointing

    Jun 5, 13 • Faith, Feminism, Health, ParenthoodNo Comments

    For the last 10 years or so, I’ve been a casual user of essential oils for cosmetic, meditative, and health purposes – I’m not the type to empty out my medicine cabinet or quit going to the doctor or anything, but I’m still a huge fan. If nothing else, they smell nice, but they really [&hellip...

  • Happy Validation Day

    Jun 3, 13 • Managing TriggersNo Comments
    Happy Validation Day

    Recently, I had a birthday. A big one. I have an invisibility complex (is that a real thing?), which means that birthdays are a huge depression trigger for me. For some reason, it takes a lot of validation to convince me that anyone even knows I exist. It’s inverse narcissism at its finest – rather [&hellip...