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Hi there. My name is not Pepper, but that’s what you can call me. I blog anonymously for the privacy of my loved ones and out of fear of retribution from my religious community. I am an active (for now), upstanding LDS work-from-home mom in full fellowship with deep, troubling questions about my religion. I am at peace with the lack of answers, but not with the behavior of my fellow Latter-Day Saints toward me and others like me, and that is my main struggle right now.

I have a good relationship with my local church leadership, all of whom are fully aware of my opinions and struggles before the Lord. They do not judge me for it… most of the time. But still, I fear persecution from my Orem, Utah neighbors, none of whom would have any idea I was different from them at all if I just kept my mouth shut. And yet 50% of them unfriended me on facebook at my first mention of my struggles with faith. Yay, Christians!

I used to blog about mental health issues, but happily, my exposure to feminist theory has erased the main triggers of my mental health issues: the guilt and shame of the narrow gender roles I learned growing up. So now I blog about Mormonism and Feminism to help others through similar issues. My hope is to build bridges within feminism to support those who struggle alone as I did, and someday to bridge the gap between the mainstream church and those who question to create greater understanding and tolerance.



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  1. Pepper says:

    Wow we have the same name! And we happen to have a lot in common, can I get your email address?

  2. Pepper says:

    I haven’t heard from you I wanted to send an email but can’t find the link? I’m just wondering if you could please put something with your name to make it clear you aren’t me and I am not you… I have been mistaken for you, and we do frequent many of the same blogs. Maybe you could add a last name and or a photo or if Pepper isn’t your real name you could choose one a little less unique. There are very few of us out there and our lives have some similarities but some big differences as well. I’m not depressed (though I did have childhood depression, and I have a super heathy and active pain-free sex life. There is nothing wrong with the fact that you have some issues and are open to talk about them, I think it’s awesome and should be out there for discussion.. but I’d really love to not be mistaken for you. Hoping you can understand. If you’d like to discuss I’d love to hear from you, my email is pepper.elliot@gmail.

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