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  • Day in the Life

    Day in the Life

    I see these over at FMH all the time and I love them, but I kind of doubt they’d take mine. I don’t exactly sit at the cool feminist lunch table. But here’s mine, a typical day in the life of a work-from-home freelance designer/LDS feminist/crazy lady. 6am – Baby wakes up, husband gets up [&hellip...

  • Setting the Stage for Productivity

    Setting the Stage for Productivity

    The better I become acquainted with myself, the more I realize that I’m an expert excuse-maker. So a big part of getting things done is heading off the excuse-making process by setting the stage for getting stuff done – whether it’s my actual professional work or just cleaning my house. The sad thing is, I’m [&hellip...

  • When Cleaning Is a Trigger

    When Cleaning Is a Trigger

    Does cleaning ever trigger your inner demons of anger, blame, self-pity, or frustration? I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I used to get really worked up about it. Sometimes the hard work is therapeutic, like the time I actually went into labor because I got mad at my mother in law and the [&hellip...

  • My Salvation: The Clean-up Basket

    Feb 22, 13 • Cleaning, Womandom1 Comment
    My Salvation: The Clean-up Basket

    One of my biggest obstacles in learning to keep my house clean despite my anxiety and/or depression was my tendency to get overwhelmed by a mess. And I’ve found the biggest, most daunting mess I deal with on a daily basis is the clutter all. over. the. floor. I have two kids (one of whom [&hellip...

  • Baby Steps to a Cleaner House

    Feb 19, 13 • Cleaning, WomandomNo Comments
    Baby Steps to a Cleaner House

    Fact: A Room That Seems Cleaner is a Lot More Fun to Clean. Seriously folks, perception is everything ESPECIALLY when you suffer from mental illness. So how do you trick your depressed and/or anxious brain into getting things done when even making breakfast was totally overwhelming and impossible? Baby steps. I tell myself “Ok, we’re [&hellip...

  • Getting Kids to Clean Up

    Feb 16, 13 • Cleaning, ParenthoodNo Comments
    Getting Kids to Clean Up

    Ok, this doesn’t have much to do with mental health, beyond the fact that kids’ messes drive us ALL nuts. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered the skill of getting my kids to clean up yet, but I’m making a lot of progress so I thought I’d share some of my ideas. I would LOVE to [&hellip...