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  • “Natural” Order

    Aug 29, 14 • Faith, Feminism, MormonismNo Comments
    “Natural” Order

    I encounter so many people who readily argue against things on the basis of God’s “natural” order of life – we are created a certain way and we take this as evidence that we’re supposed to be this way. If God wanted women to be in charge, he would have made them more comparable in [&hellip...

  • A Meeting with my Stake President

    Aug 29, 14 • Faith, Feminism, Mormonism, WomandomNo Comments
    A Meeting with my Stake President

    A while ago I told you about the letter I sent my Stake President, so here’s my report on the meeting that resulted from it! First, I’ll tell you that my SP is a really neat, humble, friendly guy who I know for myself has been called by God to be MY Stake President. I [&hellip...

  • A plea to my ward

    Jun 30, 14 • Faith, MormonismNo Comments
    A plea to my ward

    I’ve felt prompted to bear my testimony this upcoming Sunday, so in order to avoid emotional outbursts, I figured I’d organize my thoughts here: I’d like to share an experience I’ve had over the past couple of years, as well as the things I’ve learned from it. Some people call it a crisis of faith, [&hellip...

  • On handling things well…

    Jun 27, 14 • Faith, Feminism, MormonismNo Comments
    On handling things well…

    … I’m not at the moment. I see a lot of posts out there about forgiving and building bridges and being mature and taking the high road, but for the first time, this pacifistic, bridge-building moderate feminist is ready to throw in the towel. I won’t yet, but I want to. For all our reason [&hellip...

  • Letter to my Stake President

    Jun 19, 14 • Faith, Feminism, Mormonism1 Comment
    Letter to my Stake President

    I sent the following email on an almost-whim to my awesome stake president, who I’ve been blessed via spiritual confirmation to know is called of God and loves the members of my stake dearly. At the time I had that spiritual confirmation, I had no idea why I was having it. Now I do.   [&hellip...

  • Because they say so

    Because they say so

    Did you catch the RadioWest interview of Ally Isom of the church public affairs office? It was alternately amusing, frustrating, and confusing. My favorite part was the following that begins at approximately 11:25 in that interview (listen to the whole thing here) right after she talked a bunch about keeping the doctrine pure and unadulterated, [&hellip...

  • Calling All Utah County Feminists

    May 22, 14 • Faith, FeminismNo Comments
    Calling All Utah County Feminists

    Hi there. My name is Pepper, and I want to be your friend. I’m trying to form a casual group of like-minded feminists (any gender) in Utah County who can meet together regularly for support, enlightenment, refuge, and/or fun. Are you interested? Please email me right away at pepper at justapepper dot com or comment [&hellip...

  • A Talk on Mindful Obedience

    May 10, 14 • Faith, MormonismNo Comments
    A Talk on Mindful Obedience

    The following is a Sacrament Meeting talk I gave several weeks ago on the subject of obedience. More specifically, it was supposed to be based on Elder Hales’ talk titled “If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments” which I didn’t like very much. Too judgey. (I wasn’t sure how much of a jab was intended [&hellip...

  • Still Here. Again.

    Apr 19, 14 • Faith2 Comments
    Still Here. Again.

    I was going to write kind of an advice post – “how to stay LDS” but then I realized that a lot of much wiser, more experienced, much more helpful people have already done that. Wish I’d found them earlier! So here, I’ll just document my own survival and coping strategies I’ve used up to [&hellip...

  • My Work and My Glory

    My Work and My Glory

    I’ve really enjoyed the Working Moms discussion over at FMH, these are thoughts I’ve had since participating there. There was a point, right before my first child started crawling (and getting into everything, and making massive messes everywhere she went) when I felt like I had really gotten the hang of the housewife thing. I [&hellip...