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  • Messages of Hope

    Messages of Hope

    My favorite tool against sudden, acute bouts of depression is meditative gratitude. It’s the only thing that keeps me from spiraling completely out of control, and the only thing that brings me back once I’ve crossed that line. It’s not some abstract feeling of thankfulness; I actually sit there and, out loud, express sincere gratitude [&hellip...

  • Day in the Life

    Day in the Life

    I see these over at FMH all the time and I love them, but I kind of doubt they’d take mine. I don’t exactly sit at the cool feminist lunch table. But here’s mine, a typical day in the life of a work-from-home freelance designer/LDS feminist/crazy lady. 6am – Baby wakes up, husband gets up [&hellip...

  • Happy Validation Day

    Jun 3, 13 • Managing TriggersNo Comments
    Happy Validation Day

    Recently, I had a birthday. A big one. I have an invisibility complex (is that a real thing?), which means that birthdays are a huge depression trigger for me. For some reason, it takes a lot of validation to convince me that anyone even knows I exist. It’s inverse narcissism at its finest – rather [&hellip...

  • Asking for help

    Apr 7, 13 • Managing Triggers1 Comment
    Asking for help

    There are two big, basic reasons why it’s basically impossible to ask for help when you suffer from some kind of mental illness. (1) I don’t want help from people who don’t already care enough to notice that I need help. (2) People suck at helping when they actually care enough to try. So it’s [&hellip...

  • Adventures in Misophonia

    Mar 18, 13 • Managing TriggersNo Comments
    Adventures in Misophonia

    You know how you feel about nails squeaking on a chalk board? Or listening to a baby cry and cry and cry for hours? That’s how I feel about a few random sounds that don’t bother most people. Most notably, the sounds of chewing and swallowing drive me crazy. It’s called misophonia. I didn’t even [&hellip...

  • Setting the Stage for Productivity

    Setting the Stage for Productivity

    The better I become acquainted with myself, the more I realize that I’m an expert excuse-maker. So a big part of getting things done is heading off the excuse-making process by setting the stage for getting stuff done – whether it’s my actual professional work or just cleaning my house. The sad thing is, I’m [&hellip...

  • When Cleaning Is a Trigger

    When Cleaning Is a Trigger

    Does cleaning ever trigger your inner demons of anger, blame, self-pity, or frustration? I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I used to get really worked up about it. Sometimes the hard work is therapeutic, like the time I actually went into labor because I got mad at my mother in law and the [&hellip...