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  • Counterfeit: a Poem

    Counterfeit: a Poem

    I wrote this, inspired by the prompt from the A Mother Here contest, but without any real intention of submitting it. I thought I’d share it here instead! Go check out the winners, they’re magnificent. Counterfeit She’s in there, somewhere blockaded ‘neath 18 years of not enough time, money, food, mom. 18 years of second [&hellip...

  • My Work and My Glory

    My Work and My Glory

    I’ve really enjoyed the Working Moms discussion over at FMH, these are thoughts I’ve had since participating there. There was a point, right before my first child started crawling (and getting into everything, and making massive messes everywhere she went) when I felt like I had really gotten the hang of the housewife thing. I [&hellip...

  • Fruits of Feminism

    Fruits of Feminism

    This week I was confronted by a dear friend who, faced with the revelation that I’m a Mormon Feminist, reacted with shock and horror. Unlike most, however, she actually heard me out and listened thoughtfully while I told my story. She was still troubled though, and made an interesting point: “By their fruits ye shall [&hellip...

  • Day in the Life

    Day in the Life

    I see these over at FMH all the time and I love them, but I kind of doubt they’d take mine. I don’t exactly sit at the cool feminist lunch table. But here’s mine, a typical day in the life of a work-from-home freelance designer/LDS feminist/crazy lady. 6am – Baby wakes up, husband gets up [&hellip...

  • Anointing

    Jun 5, 13 • Faith, Feminism, Health, ParenthoodNo Comments

    For the last 10 years or so, I’ve been a casual user of essential oils for cosmetic, meditative, and health purposes – I’m not the type to empty out my medicine cabinet or quit going to the doctor or anything, but I’m still a huge fan. If nothing else, they smell nice, but they really [&hellip...

  • Mommy Issues

    May 11, 13 • Feminism, Parenthood, Womandom1 Comment
    Mommy Issues

    One day at age 5 I came home from morning Kindergarten and, after happily rattling off all the day’s most notable events to my mom, I announced that I was hungry. “Hungry?” My mom asked. “Didn’t you just eat lunch?” “Nope!” I announced gleefully. Worry quickly clouded her face. “Why not? I gave you lunch [&hellip...

  • So Judgmental

    Apr 28, 13 • Feminism, Parenthood, WomandomNo Comments
    So Judgmental

    I think the most widespread evidence of misogyny in our [first-world] culture is the dramatically angry, irritated response we tend to have toward other parents’ treatment of their children. I see this in people with and without their own children, but naturally people who have no children tend to be less understanding of the plights [&hellip...

  • Sleep Training for the Neurotic

    Apr 14, 13 • Parenthood1 Comment
    Sleep Training for the Neurotic

    No, this is not a post for you Ambien junkies out there… you know who you are. I envy you whole-heartedly. Actually this is for the babies with would-be Ambien junkies for moms. Those of us who are SO WORKED UP over our kids sleep (or lack thereof) that we don’t get any ourselves. I [&hellip...

  • Getting Kids to Clean Up

    Feb 16, 13 • Cleaning, ParenthoodNo Comments
    Getting Kids to Clean Up

    Ok, this doesn’t have much to do with mental health, beyond the fact that kids’ messes drive us ALL nuts. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered the skill of getting my kids to clean up yet, but I’m making a lot of progress so I thought I’d share some of my ideas. I would LOVE to [&hellip...