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“Natural” Order

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I encounter so many people who readily argue against things on the basis of God’s “natural” order of life – we are created a certain way and we take this as evidence that we’re supposed to be this way. If God wanted women to be in charge, he would have made them more comparable in size and stature to their male counterparts. If God wanted men having sex with each other he would have given them the appropriate apparatus for doing so. Because if it’s natural, it’s what God wants, right? Well, in Mormonism we have this little nugget of wisdom: natural man is an enemy to godSo basically this means that we are immortal beings having a mortal experience in order to learn to be more God-like. So if we rely too heavily on “natural” order to justify our actions, we’re basically limiting our eternal progression.

Yes, our primitive ancestors survived by putting the larger, stronger gender in charge of things – that’s what they had to do to survive. But the human race is evolving, genders are evolving, and rather than seeing that as some kind of disintegration of traditional morals and values, I see it as progression toward a more Godly race that values individuals for their unique contributions to their families and communities rather than their performance within some “natural” role.

I think that the egalitarian marriage I’m building with my husband is a higher form of marriage than those that treat people as placeholders within a cultural role. Egalitarian marriage allows both parties’ needs to be met to the best of the couple’s ability, which allows both husband and wife to reach their unique potential. Yes, it’s “natural” for a man to be in charge. But Christ and his early disciples taught that, as Christians, we submit to each other – parents and children, husbands and wives, masters and slaves. THAT is the higher order, the godly order.

We don’t tell someone who overcomes their natural appetites for sexual partnerships outside of marriage that they’re in violation of God’s plan for them. We commend them for overcoming the natural man/woman! But let’s face it, self-improvement is unnatural. Forbearance is unnatural. Repentance is unnatural. Prayer is unnatural. Denying carnal appetites in favor of higher laws and light and knowledge? Totally unnatural!

So stop using “nature” as an argument against change.

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