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On handling things well…

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… I’m not at the moment. I see a lot of posts out there about forgiving and building bridges and being mature and taking the high road, but for the first time, this pacifistic, bridge-building moderate feminist is ready to throw in the towel. I won’t yet, but I want to.

For all our reason and logic and scriptural references and personal experiences and prayer and fasting, let’s face it. They’re never going to take us seriously. Because this isn’t a two-sided war. This isn’t our side vs. their side and whoever fights the best fight, wins.


hortonThis is Horton vs. the Whos, Neo vs. the Matrix and as long as one side already fully understands the other (having been raised within the same system as the general membership), but the other has been indoctrinated to never, ever, listen to feminists, no matter what… guys what’s the point??

I’m gonna sit this one out for a while. No more commenting in church, no more engaging the gloating Dorothy Umbridges on Facebook, I’m not up to this. Horton ain’t listening guys, and the human batteries are just WAY too comfy within the matrix. I’m leavin it alone. I’ll keep being myself, someone’s got to stay at church to show them you can be faithful AND feminist… but I’m not expecting change until it comes from the top.

The good news is that the upper echelons of leadership seem poised and ready to take steps toward listening and engaging. Hopefully they’ll do so, and within a couple generations maybe the general membership will have picked up on it. Until then, though, I don’t expect any earnest inquiry or prayerful introspection from my neighbors. Not on the topic of gender, not for a long while. This change will have to happen one person at a time, one painful faith crisis at a time, the same way I finally came around.

How I’ll keep going to church in the meantime…. I have no idea. How do you keep the faith? Are you still fighting the good fight or have you given it up?

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