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  • Back in the Saddle

    Apr 1, 14 • UncategorizedNo Comments
    Back in the Saddle

    And we’re back! Woo! got hacked before I could renew the domain, and I was just too busy to get the whole thing cleaned up and renewed so I let it go. Right now I’m just happy I finally learned how to manually migrate wordpress files manually from an old database into a new [&hellip...

  • My Work and My Glory

    My Work and My Glory

    I’ve really enjoyed the Working Moms discussion over at FMH, these are thoughts I’ve had since participating there. There was a point, right before my first child started crawling (and getting into everything, and making massive messes everywhere she went) when I felt like I had really gotten the hang of the housewife thing. I [&hellip...

  • Fruits of Feminism

    Fruits of Feminism

    This week I was confronted by a dear friend who, faced with the revelation that I’m a Mormon Feminist, reacted with shock and horror. Unlike most, however, she actually heard me out and listened thoughtfully while I told my story. She was still troubled though, and made an interesting point: “By their fruits ye shall [&hellip...

  • Messages of Hope

    Messages of Hope

    My favorite tool against sudden, acute bouts of depression is meditative gratitude. It’s the only thing that keeps me from spiraling completely out of control, and the only thing that brings me back once I’ve crossed that line. It’s not some abstract feeling of thankfulness; I actually sit there and, out loud, express sincere gratitude [&hellip...

  • Day in the Life

    Day in the Life

    I see these over at FMH all the time and I love them, but I kind of doubt they’d take mine. I don’t exactly sit at the cool feminist lunch table. But here’s mine, a typical day in the life of a work-from-home freelance designer/LDS feminist/crazy lady. 6am – Baby wakes up, husband gets up [&hellip...

  • A Vision for Mormon Feminism

    Jun 10, 13 • Feminism, Mormonism, Womandom4 Comments
    A Vision for Mormon Feminism

    Some days, I whine about being a feminist- I wish I could just go back to being a Mary Sunshine! I could just be happy to go to church every week, confident in my efforts at righteousness and not have to worry about any hard questions with no answers. And I certainly wouldn’t have to [&hellip...

  • Anointing

    Jun 5, 13 • Faith, Feminism, Health, ParenthoodNo Comments

    For the last 10 years or so, I’ve been a casual user of essential oils for cosmetic, meditative, and health purposes – I’m not the type to empty out my medicine cabinet or quit going to the doctor or anything, but I’m still a huge fan. If nothing else, they smell nice, but they really [&hellip...

  • Happy Validation Day

    Jun 3, 13 • Managing TriggersNo Comments
    Happy Validation Day

    Recently, I had a birthday. A big one. I have an invisibility complex (is that a real thing?), which means that birthdays are a huge depression trigger for me. For some reason, it takes a lot of validation to convince me that anyone even knows I exist. It’s inverse narcissism at its finest – rather [&hellip...

  • Painful Sex Part II – Hypersensitivity

    May 28, 13 • Health, Womandom2 Comments
    Painful Sex Part II – Hypersensitivity

    All of my life, I’ve been extremely sensitive to absolutely everything. I can hear and smell things no one else can. I can identify most ingredients in anything I eat after just one taste. Preservatives, colors, and all. Sitting next to someone wearing perfume or cologne will give me blinding, 48-hour migraines. It takes three [&hellip...

  • Pants Down

    May 21, 13 • Faith, MormonismNo Comments
    Pants Down

    And so it is that I find myself in the middle of a massive crisis of faith. Some days I’m willing to be still and sit and wait and just try not to think about things too hard – answers must be out there somewhere, after all, and I can’t reasonably expect them all to [&hellip...